Recycled Timber Bathroom Vanities

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First choice for Bathroom Vanity & Storage

A toilet vanity isn’t always the best and most important part for storage, it is the most often used object in your toilet. A touch factor for each visit, it presents not simply precious storage for your regular objects but also makes your bathroom beautiful.

Bathroom vanities in Melbourne are designed with the best in mind, our specific toilet vanity shelf stages include durable, realistic, and complex portions with a view to resisting the needs of heavy use. From small or slim toilet vanities to declaration double vanities devices, we have got were given something to everyone.

Renovating a bathroom is a difficult challenge. We guide you to choose the fashion that fits your needs. Wall-hung vanities are a tremendous solution for tiny bathrooms because they take up less space. These vanities can hide the unpleasant plumbing strains underneath your basin and gives you a precious area to keep toiletries and different toilet essentials. The essential feature of this vanity unit is it makes your bathroom more attractive.

Freestanding vanities are the best solution for your bathroom. They can provide you with stylish storage and different colors and they are capable of having two sinks together. Both vanity options can provide several cabinet and drawers. Different sizes are available in each option. We are positive to locate the toilet vanity this is the correct match for your area.

Our toilet vanity shelves are designed to fit in any size and budget. You can check our bathroom vanities Melbourne online, or come and check the variety in our Melbourne showrooms.

 Timber vanities

We can make your custom bathroom in our workshop using heritage timber or recycled timber vanity Sydney. The wood may be decided by you from our inventory of wood at the premises.  You can convey in photo references of what you would like or simply convey a rough idea and we’ve got a returned catalog of different vanities in order to appear at.

We get lots of work constructing custom vanities, and recycled timber vanity Sydney partly because our premises are sandwiched among the most important plumbing providers in the country and in part due to the fact that we appear to be one of the most effective locations in Sydney providing clients an opportunity to a white laminate field with a marble top.  We construct vanities in lots of styles, with each sink configuration and door and drawer mixture there is.  We can suit handles and door hardware for your desire for tap hardware.

We make background wooden vanities with high-tech finishes which are absolutely impervious to water that may both have a wooden top or we will organize a marble top.  All our drawers are of the best quality, have complete extension mechanical slides, and feature as easily as in any high-give-up kitchen healthy out.  Call us today.