Commercial Use Of Solar Thermal Energy


Solar energy is commonly used nowadays in household, industries, transportations etc. Solar energy is utilized to generate heat/electrical energy which provides a cost effective, environment friendly means of operating various appliances.

How commercial solar works

Photovoltaic cells are used to make panels; there is an inverter to convert DC into AC. All safety measures are taken into consideration before installing the equipment (including the use of bird exclusion netting to keep the system protected from damage by birds, careful installation of wiring systems etc.) Mirrors are used to reflect and collect sunlight, receivers are then used to collect that sunlight and convert it into heat energy, a generator can then be used to produce electricity from this heat energy. Advantage of open land and rooftop is taken by commercial businesses. This saves them the operating and energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Types of commercial solar energy systems

Modern technology provides all means of easy installation of the solar plant required for any commercial use; having a large roof area is not necessary. Advancing trends of using solar energy has made many different types available in market:

  • Ground-mounted systems are designed for businesses that have sufficient land space but not enough roof area. By using these systems open square footage is maximized.
  • Customized rooftop solar systems; roof top solar panels installed which block heat from the sun and minimize cooling expense. It is possible to find solar solutions for different kinds of roof types-flat, sloped or standing seam.

Commercial uses

Running a large-scale commercial business has many different working areas that require energy/power usage in one way or the other. By utilizing solar thermal energy in these areas has a very beneficial effect on the businesses:

  • Many companies use hot water in their everyday use; showers, bathrooms, cooking, cleaning, manufacturing etc. A solar heating system if used, provides free hot water for years to come and cut down the costs of electricity bills; which means more profit.
  • Commercial laundry uses can also save electricity/gas bill costs if solar energy used to heat water.
  • Restaurants are also one of the busiest places. Apart from the hot water required for cleaning and cooking, electric appliances can also be operated by using solar thermal energy and increase the profit by cutting down electric and gas bill costs.
  • Solar ponds used for water desalination.
  • Cooling systems like air conditioners and ventilation fans in commercial buildings save huge amounts of electricity cost when solar energy is used.
  • For night shift workers this solar system can be used to store sunlight energy for indoor and outdoor lighting of the buildings.


With the alarming increase in global warming situation, rising fuel costs and growing demand of energy usage the utilization of solar thermal energy has made its way in modern societies with positive environment friendly, renewable energy source being appreciated and used for running everyday businesses, commercial operations and household appliances.