A strong body will possess a sound brain. It is important to keep yourself fit and healthy. In this pandemic where people are locked in their homes and the culture of working from home is endorsed: you will find yourself a lazy couch potato. Hence the physical activity is important. Now the question is how to do any physical activity when you are locked at home.

Total fitness training is here to solve your problem. We have introduced virtual training sessions for you. We are facilitating our virtual clients in Canterbury, gorge area, Bankstown, and inner west. We offer you, personal trainers, those will help you to lose weight and achieve the dream body you want. Our mobile personal trainer services travel with you everywhere so you can exercise anywhere. Be it a park, home, office, or any other place.

Aim and Objective

Our aim and objective are to keep you fit fine and healthy. Personal trainer in blakehurst offers you convenient exercise sessions. We are offering our services in 2010. The prime goal is to promote a healthy society. In this time of the pandemic, when it’s not convenient to go to gyms, we have offered our online sessions.

These online fitness sessions will keep you healthy and fit. A personal trainer will be there to guide you throughout. These trainers will keep an eye on your progress. They will trace back your eating habits and suggests something some exercises that will help you to get in shape and lose weight.

We don’t aim to force you to lose weight but maintain a healthy weight. Thus, our trainers will help you to follow a healthy lifestyle as it’s the key to success. What if you keep on running, walking, exercising, or go for a crash diet option for a week, and then back out. this is not a healthy way to be fit. The personal trainer will help you to maintain the portion control and keep this in mind. He will trace down what you do and try to guide you to modify your lifestyle.


Contact the team today. We are pleased to offer you virtual training sessions and to assign you a personal trainer. We aim to offer you the best lifestyle’s in affordable ranges. Thus, you will be satisfied with our facilities. These virtual sessions are convenient, and you can set the time according to your feasibility. Having a personal trainer gives you more windows to get in touch with him and talk about your progress or setbacks. We are always pleased to help you because that’s what we do. We have offered our services on a large scale and have scored several customers. Contact us and be at ease for the rest of your life.